Monday, February 13, 2006

Reserving My Table

Reserving My Table: "So now the government, in its full mafia glory, has made an offer industry cannot refuse. Either the private sector voluntarily puts quotas for backward classes in place or the government will enact legislation which will force them to do the same thing. Some industry bigwigs had put up a proposal to train backward classes at company cost in order to make them competitive in the job market----but the government is not concerned about training, it wants their vote banks to have jobs---training and competency be damned. In a way, extension of reservations to private sectors was inevitable ----after all Ram Vilas Paswan's son may have been satisfied with a job in SAIL or ONGC but his grandson considers governmental jobs passe. He wants to work at Infosys and Wipro and its upto Ram Vilas Paswan to ensure that his grandson has the same sinecure that his son held. The supporters of reservation (an ovewhelming majority of whom stand to gain from it) base their arguments on two principal premises. 1. For 5000 years, there has been total discrimination against Dalits. So now for another 5000 years, there should be 'social justice' based on the injustices of the past as a means for a historical balancing of equations. 2. A higher class official is likely to discriminate against a lower-caste candidate because he is assumed to be incompetent by virtue of his birth."


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